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Historical mansions of Penang island

´╗┐pCheong Fatt Tze Mansion Designed inside 1880s, this famous indigo-blue Chinese Courtyard Residence in Georgetown was the residence of Cheong Fatt Tze, a prominent Chinese determine inside newly established Penang Straits Settlement through the 19th century. The mansion was created by grasp craftsmen brought in specially from China, who utilized their expertise to fashion the mansion with 38 rooms, 5 granite-paved courtyards, 7 staircases and 220 windows. Rescued in the perils of improvement in the 1990s by a smaller group of Heritage preservationists led by Laurence Loh, the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion possesses splendid Chinese timber carvings, Gothic louvre windows, russet brick walls and porcelain reduce & paste decorative shard works, fine art nouveau stained glass panels, Stoke-on-Trent ground tiles and Scottish cast iron perform.Its layout is determined by feng-shui rules, and filled with rare a assortment of sculptures, carvings, tapestries as well as other antiques. In 2000, the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion attained the inaugural Unesco Asia-Pacific Heritage Conservation Award, selected as the 'Most Exceptional Challenge' inside Asia Pacific Rim following its RM7.6 milllion restoration operates Khoo Kongsi/brWhen the initial immigrants from the Hokkien province of China arrived in Penang, one particular of your initial things they fixed out to do was build a single in the most magnificent clan houses in Penang. Work began about the clan household from the 1890's which resulted in what was explained to become a palace which rivalled that of the Emperor of China. As the story goes, this extravagance incurred the wrath from the Gods and within the initially night from the clan home's completion, an unexplainable fireplace broke out and burnt the property along! It wasn't right up until 1902 which the current clan house started development. Considered one of five clan houses nonetheless standing in Georgetown, the Khoo Kongsi clan property usually requires with a exceptional resemblance to some mini clan village. One particular of the grandest clan houses in Penang, the Khoo Kongsi attributes tall thin columns supporting a gently sloping, crimson tiled roof, topped with carvings of dragons, phoenixes, mythical animals and different scenes from common Chinese legends. The clan house also incorporates a grand hall adorned with resplendent and intricate carvings and richly ornamented pillars which can be stated to own been crafted by master craftsmen from China. Other major Hokkien clan houses that is usually found in Penang are the Cheah Kongsi, Yeah Kongsi, Lim Kongsi and Tan Kongsi. Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)/brThe Kuan Yin Temple was constructed within the 1800s by earlier Chinese settlers from the Hokkien and Cantonese communities. The temple was initially named Kong Hock Keong temple (Cantonese-Hokkien Temple) and was when used not merely for non secular but also for communal capabilities within the Chinese community. Having said that, the temple misplaced several of its significance when the current Chinese City Hall was constructed inside the 1880s. The Goddess of Mercy Temple, or Kuan Yin Temple, could be the first temple ever designed in Georgetown, Penang, by Chinese settlers. The temple honours Kuan Yin, a devout Buddhist who was said to have attained the coveted express of Nirvana but acquired picked as an alternative to stay on earth so as to provide steering and aid to those that are on their own striving to achieve Nirvana. The temple inside is normally filled aided by the scent of sandalwood incense, burnt by devotees who pay a visit to the temple to pray and look for guidance from Kuan Yin. The temple also honours Ma Chor Poh, the patron saint of seafarers, who was really regarded by the Chinese settlers, a lot of of whom acquired travelled great distances, crossing the seas from China to Penang. Benefit from the temple's numerous wonderful attributeske the dragon-entwined pillars, carved from a sort of natural stone, which support the temple's substantial roofing. Also glimpse for the statue of Kuan Yin, located in an internal chamber, which depicts a girl with 18 arms, who incorporates a countenance which exudes internal peace and worldly contentment. You will discover lots of good accommodations in Penang, ranging from budget to five star resort category. Make certain you choose up the proper Penang accommodation in your own following trip !hotels in Penang, Penang hotel

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Part 3 The Western Area Lundy To South East Iceland

´╗┐The final part of the shipping forecast is the Western Area. From Lundy to the South East of Iceland. One of the other main features of the shipping forecast on Radio 4 is its infamous intro music 'Sailing By', by Ronald Binge. This music has become synonymous with the shipping forecast being important and vital to sailors it is alsostened to by many Radio 4steners as it has been known for its soothing qualities. Lundy This is the largest island in the Bristol Channel. Lundy Island gives the sea area Lundy its name. It is 3 by 0.75 kilometres at its widest and is situated off the Devon coast. It only has a population of around 28 people. It has also been voted in 2005 as Britain's tenth great natural wonder. Lundy comes from the old Norse for Puffin Island but has also beennked with the term 'Lund' which means a wooded area. Fastnet In Irish it is known as Carraig Aonair whichterally means 'solitary rock'. Fastnet Rock is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean and is at the most southerly tip of Ireland. It is 13 kilometres from Cork on the West coast of Ireland and was originally known as Ireland's tear-drop as it was the last thing emigrants could see as they left Ireland for New York. Irish Sea This is the stretch of sea that separates Ireland and Great Britain. It connects with the Atlantic Ocean towards the East coast of America and is occasionally referred to as the Manx Sea. The Irish Sea is part of the goods trade taking cargo to Holyhead and Fishguard. There is also an offshore wind farm off the coast of County Wicklow towards the South of the Irish Sea. Shannon Named after the River Shannon in Ireland which is the longest river in the whole of Southern Ireland. The River Shannon acts as a divide from the West of the country to the East and South. Named after a Celtic goddess, Sionna, the river has less than 20 crossing points. It runs through 11 of Ireland's 29 counties and started itsfe at the end of the Ice Age. Rockall A tiny and uninhabited island off the North Atlantic Ocean. Rockall is thought to have been the debris of a now extinct volcano. The scientist James Fisher has deemed Rockall as the 'most isolated small rock in the oceans of the world'. There is much dispute over who actually owns Rockall as Denmark, Iceland, Ireland and the United Kingdom all lay claim on it. It has been the cause of many disasters due to its size and location. Malin This sea area is named after Malin Head which is the most Northern part of Ireland in Donegal. It is on the Inishowen Peninsula and has an existingghthouse that was first used in 1959. The Malin Head is one of the only places in Europe where you can hear a Corn Crake. Hebrides There are two main parts to the Hebrides, the Outer and the Inner. They are Islands off the West coast of Scotland and date back to the Mesolithic time. The main economy on these islands are now fishing, tourism, oil and renewable energy. Bailey Bailey is a sandbank which sits between Scotland and Ireland. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean it is simply a sandbank with not much nature or history to shout about. Fairisle An island in Northern Scotland, Fairisle is situated halfway from Shetland and Orkney. It is renowned for its bird watching and also for a specific type of knitting. It is also known for being one of the most remote yet inhabited islands in the UK. It has a population of around 67 and is known to have one of the roughest crossings in the whole of Europe. Faeroes This sea are in the shipping forecast is names after a group of islands in the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic sea. They are located around halfway between Scotland and Iceland and are a self-governing territory. Despite being small islands they have a population of 50,000 Viking descendants. The Faeroes Islands have been under Danish control since 1388. They are hit by heavy rain throughout most of the year. South East Iceland The last sea area in the Shipping Forecast. Its name is aptly given due to it being located in the South East of Iceland in the Atlantic. A very cold and icy stretch it is one of the longest parts of coastline in the shipping forecast area. To find more articles on safety tips, the latest models or the sea areas of the shipping forecast go to You can also viewstings of thousands of boats for sale and charter as well as a place to sell your own boat. ''